2022 Faculty Play-list

The faculty of the 2022 Summer Jazz Week has put together a YouTube play-list for students to do a little jazz listening in preparation of the July workshop. The list is annotated by each faculty member, detailing why they chose this song for you.


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Play-list comments

Ellie Martin- jazz voice

Sarah Vaughan- “All of Me”

This is an amazing scat solo, and her phrasing is also ridiculously good. So I would tell the students to listen for phrasing, range, and improvisation. 


James Hughes- jazz woodwinds

Cannonball Adderly- “Love For Sale”

You can listen to this track multiple times only focusing on one instrument and learn so much about how jazz works; How Hank Jones comps behind the melody and then the solo, Cannonball’s solo full of bop, blues, personality, and I love the way he varies rhythm, feel and articulation; when and how Sam Jones plays a two-feel; the dynamics and color Art Blakey employs. This track is a great example of how to arrange a standard tune in a simple way and perform it with grace, taste, mood and vibe.


Jordan Schug- jazz bass

Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington- “In a Mellowtone”

This tune demonstrates jazz pretty clearly from Duke and Louis.


Scott Gwinnell- jazz piano

Horace Silver- “The Outlaw”

This Horace Silver composition from Further Explorations demonstrates Silver’s “hard bop” sound; a mix of aggressive swing, tinge of funkiness, a mix of different grooves, and a sensibility for creating arrangements. It features a horn lineup of under sung hard bop musicians in Art Farmer and Clifford Jordan, at the top of their game.


Vincent Chandler- jazz trombone

Ravi Coltrane- “26-2”

Before listening to Ravi’s rendition of “26-2,” start with the original by John Coltrane. It is a contrafact of Charlie Parker's "Confirmation," it features what is now known as "Coltrane Changes" and an even more intervallic melody than "Confirmation." Ravi Coltrane, plays it in 9 (5/4 + 4/4)! Odd meters is an important element of modern jazz and when I asked, Chris Potter, another master of odd meters how he learned to do it he said, "Put simple songs you know very well in odd meters."


Chuck Newsome- jazz guitar

Brad Mehdlau- “Anthropology”

This clip is Brad Mehldau playing Bird's Anthropology back when he was in his early 20's. It's fun to watch along with the transcription, primarily for the rhythmic content, very cool 3 over 4 stuff interspersed with great bebop language.


John Hill- jazz drums

Miles Davis- “My Funny Valentine”

I listened to this recording in college, and since, hundreds of times.  This live recording is lightning in a bottle.  Every note and inflection is a pearl!  Sheer jazz perfection!!!  The My Funny Valentine album and Four and More, both from the same recorded concert, are absolutely magic!!


Scott Cowan- jazz trumpet

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers- “Crisis”

Unique Jazz Messengers personnel of the mid-60's on a Freddie Hubbard composition "Crisis". I hear pure joy and swagger from Mr. Hubbard who stretches out...Check out Jaki Byard on piano!


April Tini- jazz voice

Ella Fitzgerald- “How High the Moon"

This historic and iconic performance demonstrates Ella's brilliance in changing up the head of the tune and launching into a brilliant, bebop inspired scat solo.


Russ Miller- jazz woodwinds

Cannonball Adderly Sextet- “Jeannine”

Killin' solos, nice crisp tempo, background figures, and pure joy!