Audition Submissions

A new feature for the 2019 Detroit Jazz Workshop is the opportunity to submit your audition via video. We suggest using a smart phone's video feature and emailing it to


Please do not send audition submission until you finish your application. The audition process is to determine combo placement. Auditions can also be done on the first day of the workshop. Please try to keep submissions under 3 minutes in length.

What do I submit?

After the record button is pressed,


1. "My name is..."

Tell us who you are.


2. Your background

Your age? (optional for adults)

How long have you been playing music?

How long have you been playing jazz?

If you play jazz, where have/do you play it?

If you're in school, where?

If you have professional experience, what?


3. Your interest in attending

Why do you want to attend the DJW?

What do you hope to get out of the exp.?

What do you do well in music?

What do you feel you need to work on?

High School / Adults:

Horn Players:

1. Demonstrate a few scales.

Please play 2 octaves, up and down the scale at a tempo of your choice.


2. Download, print, and play excerpt.

Should be played with a swing feel at a medium tempo. If you use a metronome, set it at qn=110.



Au Privave in C
For flute, violin, oboe, and other non-transposing instruments
Au privave C.jpg
JPG Image 56.4 KB
Au Privave in Bb
For trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax, and other Bb instruments
Au privave Bb.jpg
JPG Image 44.1 KB
Au Privave in Eb
For Alto Sax, Bari Sax, and any other Eb transposing instruments
Au privave Eb.jpg
JPG Image 64.0 KB
Au Privave in C (Bass Clef)
For trombone, tuba, euphonium, cello and any other bass clef instruments
Au privave Bass Clef.jpg
JPG Image 80.2 KB


3. Improvisation (OPTIONAL)

If you have any experience with improvisation please demonstrate by soloing over F Blues. You can do so:

1. Unaccompanied

2. With a backing track


This, again, is OPTIONAL and for people with jazz experience.

If you use a backing track, play only a few choruses (a minute or so). Please turn up the accompaniment volume on a computer or other device.

If you don't improvise, but want to demonstrate by reading part of a tune from your jazz band or combo, you can do this instead.


Please send audition clip to:


1. Demonstrate chord playing and improvisation ability.

You can do so by using this F-Blues play-along video:

There is no piano or guitar track.


1. Play 2 choruses of comping (playing chords)

2. Improvise for at least 2 choruses.

No need to play the melody.


2. Play a jazz song of your choice.

Play an abbreviated jazz song, preferably a standard. You can play solo or use other musicians, or a backing track. Please not longer than 2 minutes.

Bassists / Drummers

Bassists, please walk two choruses of bass lines on a medium-swing F Blues. You then have the option to play a couple choruses of a solo. Feel free to use this play-along:

Drummers, demonstrate the following grooves:


1. Medium Swing

2. Bossa Nova

3. Medium-Fast or Fast Swing

4. Rock or Funk

5. Samba


(OPTIONAL) Play a drum solo over one of these grooves.

Jazz Vocalists:

Jazz vocalists, please submit a recording of yourself singing a standard. It can be any style, and be solo or with accompaniment. Please have the melody and lyrics memorized. Here is a list of standards if you need an idea:


100 Vocal Standards with Links


Middle School