High School, Adult Combo Placement Auditions

High School and Adult Combo Auditions will take place on Monday, July 10th on the first morning of the workshop. Instruments will be given a scheduled time to audition together during a jazz clinic.


The song played will be Charlie Parker's tune, Au Privave. You will be expected to play the melody to the tune, with accompaniment. You may also improvise over F Blues but is not required.


Combo results will be posted after lunch on Monday, July 8.

Vocal Placement Auditions

Vocal auditions will take place on the first morning of the workshop on Monday, July 10. You will be asked to sing a tune of your choice. A song from the Great American Songbook or a Jazz Standard should be the type of tune. You will have an accompanist provided to you. Please bring a lead sheet of your song, in your key.


This song will also be one of the tunes you focus on during the week, and perhaps will decide to perform at the Cliff Bells performance at the end of the week.


The vocal performance will be on Monday, July 13 (7pm) at Cliff Bells Jazz Club.

Middle School Auditions

There is no combo audition for Middle School instrumentalists.