Student Security and COVID Safety

How will I be safe?


The Detroit Jazz Workshop goes through effective safety protocols to make sure to the best of its ability, that you or your student can study at the DJW, knowing that we are structuring a comfortable, safe environment.


All students, faculty, and staff receive a lanyard that must be worn while on campus. Only DJW personnel will be allowed. Lanyards will make faculty, mentors, and students easily recognizable.


There is one entrance to the MSU-CMS building which is helmed by a security guard. The only people allowed to come to our floor are on our list. The door must be unlocked electronically by the guard.


Students under 18 years of age must receive parental written permission to leave campus during the DJW. Students are accounted for at all times.


There will always be a faculty, staff member, or adult mentor in the rehearsal rooms at all times.



If you notice symptoms consistent with COVID, please go and receive a COVID test. We ask that you contact us to notify of your absence and refrain from coming to the workshop until you know the outcome.


In close quarters, masks can protect. It is MSU policy that mask usage cannot be enforced so it is up to the individual on wearing them.