Composer's Workshop

One of the best additions to the 2013 MDJW was the Composer's Workshop. It gave an outlet for beginning to advanced composers the opportunity to have their work rehearsed, whether completed or unfinished.


In a supportive enviornment led by instructor Gwinnell, students played each others compositions, and received constructive advice from each other.


Besides the playing aspect, daily clinics were given on arranging, reharmonizing, and orchestration.

Now in its sixth year, the Composer's Workshop will be conducted by faculty saxophonist James Hughes.


Like last year, the focus will be on the music you bring in to play.

Requirements to join Composer's Workshop:

Zollie Schut and Erik McIntyre in rehearsal
Zollie Schut and Erik McIntyre in rehearsal

You may bring one or two compositions.


You can bring any type of composition to the workshop, provided:


  • It is legible. It can be printed by notation program or written neatly on manuscript paper.
  • It is written for any or all of the following instruments: Piano, bass, drums, trumpet, alto sax, and/or tenor sax. Depending on who is involved, other instruments may also be written for. More information will be available about participants, closer to workshop date.
  • Parts are provided to players as opposed to a score. An exception is allowed if you are bringing in a lead sheet or head chart.


It is not essential, but preferred that:


  • Composition parts are in the transposed keys of the instruments- ex. Trumpet part written in Bb.
  • You bring multiple copies of the score for other members of the workshop to read.


If you have any questions on eligibility or preparation, feel free to email at any time. We will work with you to prepare for the workshop.


You may also attend as an auditor.