Full-Workshop Policy

It is common, as we move closer to the workshop date, for us to place a limit on the number of certain instruments, especially rhythm sections; piano, bass, and drums are quickest to fill.


If your instrument is full, there are possibilities to still attend this year's workshop:


1. Waiting List.


If you've paid the workshop application fee, you will be placed on a waiting list in the order of which you applied. If a spot becomes available, we contact you immediately.


If you still are not able to attend this summer, your $50 application will be returned to you on the week after the workshop, and you will get first priority registration for the next year's workshop.


2. Secondary Instrument


If you play another instrument, you divide your time between the your primary and secondary instruments. You will have to play your secondary instrument in combo rehearsals and play your primary instrument in other clinics and classes.


3. Audit Combo Class


Like 2., you can play your instrument in everything but combo class. You can audit the combo class.


Other options may be explored; we'll do our best to bring you in.




none at present

Limited Room Available:

none at present