Session II- What to expect

Session II, the camp for middle school students, is in its fifth year. It has been in the works for a couple years and is now a reality and has been a great success. It originated out of a need to provide jazz education to students that have been traditionally too young for the Session I workshop or other high school camps.


For students who have just begun the training on their instrument and have no experience in jazz, this session introduces it to them in a fun, educational way, increasing their love for music and keeping their minds sharp.


We'll approach this from the perspective of:


1. Parent

2. Student

3. Middle or High School Jazz Band Director

1. Parent:

Session II Improvisation Class
Session II Improvisation Class



You can expect your son or daughter to have a fun week, learning a new approach to playing their instrument. Not only will they be better and more prepared for their middle or high school jazz band, they will learn how to play, interact, and express themselves in a unique manner.


Through beginning classes in jazz history, theory, and more, students will learn about jazz in a classroom setting. They will then be on their instrument for the rest of the day, first learning improvisation from top notch faculty members, and then playing in an ensemble(s) resembling their jazz band.


Unike their school jazz band, they will be with other middle schoolers from the Metro-Detroit area, meeting new friends and playing music with them. Students will get a chance to solo and be featured in these tunes.


On the Sunday after the workshop week, you and your family and friends will get a chance to see them play a concert, showing what they learned all week.


No matter what instrument they play, traditionally a jazz instrument or not, will be welcomed.


Traditional jazz instruments:












Non-traditional instruments:


Violin, Viola, Cello

Flute, Oboe, Bassoon

French Horn


All are accepted!

2. Student

Rhythm Section
Rhythm Section



Do you enjoy playing your instrument and like playing tunes by ear? Do you wish you could? Coming to Session II and working on learning jazz will improve your ear, as well as helping your instrument skill, all while meeting new people your age who also like music.


You might already play in your middle school's jazz band or want to. Playing in jazz band has more difficult, syncopated rhythms, unlike much of your music in concert band. Jazz band is great because you get to stand up and play notes that aren't written in the music (improvisation). This camp will help you read this music and improvise on it.


Jazz improvisation is a language of its own and is very deep. There is much to learn, and it is a lot of fun to do so. Jazz can be read (jazz band) or played by ear. If you play a traditional jazz instrument you can work on this in jazz band. If you play an orchestra instrument or something else, you can also join us. We'll write a part for you to play with the traditional jazz instruments; it will be a completely new experience. It's a fun week that you'll never forget!

3. Middle and High School Band Directors

Drum solo
Drum solo

Middle and High School Band Directors,


If you have a jazz band in your school, this is a great way for your students to get playing experience over the summer when it's typical for them to put their instruments down and postpone their learning.


If you're building your jazz band, a camp like this can be invaluable to get them experience reading jazz charts and learning how to improvise so they can contribute to your jazz band.


You might have students who show a strong aptitude for playing by ear. This is a good place to send them to take advantage of this strength and develop it.


Your students can expect to strengthen their reading, confidence, and develop into roles of soloing in your jazz band. If you are a high school band director, it is a great farm system to prepare them when they get to high school jazz band.


You'll also keep them playing over the summer so their chops won't be too rusty for the next school year.